Project Objectives

Overall objective

Establish a CoE MMAC in Science and Engineering hosted in Bulgaria, with a long term horizon of cooperation between the Vienna University of Technology, and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.

Transform the institutional landscape in research, technology development and innovations in Bulgaria towards significantly better performance for intelligent growth of industry and society.

Significantly improve the research and innovation capacity in Bulgaria by supporting focused research groups which will create the capacity needed to solve challenging problems with high scientific and societal impact.

Adopt a concept for further extension and improvement of the existing computational infrastructure of the CoE based on the current needs of the CoE key research and innovation area.

Specific objectives for stage 1 and stage 2

Create a vision for further development of the human potential of the CoE on the basis of analytical snapshots of the current status and requirements of the CoE key research and innovation area.

Create an attractive environment for young scientists and give the opportunity to the best graduates in Bulgaria to start and develop their scientific career.

Encourage the establishment off start-ups and other modern forms of bringing scientific results to practice.

Ensure further development and improvement of the innovation potential of the CoE through a comprehensive plan to promote co-operation with the business and public administration.

Specific objectives for stage 1

Develop a mid-term and long-term strategy for empowering the research capacity in the area of Mathematical Modelling and Advanced Computing in Bulgaria.

Facilitate the building of a modern-state-of-the-art High Performance Computing infrastructure.

Analyse the matching between key expertise and research topics of the CoE MMAC with the needs of Bulgarian SMEs and other potential industrial partners, according to the Bulgarian Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2014-2020.

Prepare a detailed implementation schedule of the CoE MMAC (including organisational, structural and budget details).

Disseminate the role, aims and results of the project.