Steering comitee meeting

24.06.2015, "Sofia Conference Hall", Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

The MMAC PSC01 meeting was held on June 24, 2015 in "Sofia Conference Hall" of the Grand Hotel Sofia.

The goals, vision and objectives of the future Centre of Excellence on Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing, as well as the overall planning for the one year action were presented. The discussion after the presentations gave a lot of fresh and fruitful ideas for the future work.

The list of the official guests includes Prof. Nikolai Denkov (Deputy minister of Ministry of Education and Science), Prof. Kostadin Kostadinov (Deputy minister of Ministry of Education and Science), Prof. Rumjana Kolarova (Secretary of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for Education, Science and Civil Society relations), Prof. Evdokiya Pasheva (Scientific secretary general of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, (Peter Statev - Chairman of the Board of ICT Cluster), Iliya Keleshev (Chairman of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Machine Building), Kiril Jelyazkov (Director general sector organizations center of Bulgarian Industrial Association) and many others.